Isabella Ricci is a twenty-one year old from Olney, Maryland. She is currently studying Fashion Design at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia and is anticipated to graduate in May 2019. The girl she designs for likes her confidence in herself to come across in how she presents herself through her clothing, while still keeping her overly daydreaming self seen and she finds embracing her femininity empowering. 
In 2017 Isabella received second place for The Trailblazer Award at her university, an award given for innovation in fashion design thinking. It is only awarded to Sophomore and Junior students who design, pattern, and sewed their garments independently. 
She was also given the opportunity to Intern in Milan, Italy. Besides experiencing the dreaminess that comes with living and working in the fashion capital, she was able to gain experience being hands-on in a fashion workplace. There she used Photoshop and Illustrator to create flats, researched trends and photoshoot inspiration, designed, prepped garments for production, etc. 
She hopes to move to New York City shortly after she graduates.
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